Busy, Busy.

I can’t understand the people who say they have nothing to do, I wish they could give me some of their extra time. Over the last few weeks I’ve done the following, none of which is directly related to my actual job.

Read most of The Secret Life of Houdini. What a great book; William Kalush and Larry Sloman have done some seriously good research and tell a very entertaining story of Houdini’s life. It’s hard to get scope of his fame but he really was bigger than Elvis. I can’t believe I didn’t know he jumped off the Queens Bridge here in Melbourne and accidentally unearthed a dead body. That’s something you think you’d be told about.

Started working through Darwin Ortiz’s Annotated Erdnase. I’m taking this one slowly and really trying to get a hold of the moves, the notes are fantastic and hold great insight. I need to get a copy of Revelations.

Finished reading Designing Miracles which for such a short book really blew my mind. I couldn’t read more than a chapter without putting it down and taking the information in. It has really changed my approach to my magic.

Reworked my Ambitious Card routine taking some of the concepts in Designing Miracles onboard. I’ll be trying it out for the first time in a few weeks with some walk-around at Magic Mondays.

Got serious about learning the Harmonica. I’ve found with the office door closed at night I can practice without waking my son. I can almost play both the guitar and harp parts to Heart of Gold at the same time; now if I could only sing well.

During the heat wave I finally had the inspiration to write my first song. It needs work but I’m happy I’ve started.

I finally bought new strings for my Ukulele which has sat neglected for a month or two. Now I’m playing more I’ve discovered that while a Flying V Uke is a cool idea in theory the pointy bits really stick in your arm after a while.

I’ve been getting more web design work which is nice. Dean’s site came out really well and he’s getting a lot of comments (and more importantly, work) from it. I helped Kamal with a quick temporary page for the ASM and I might be doing another magic related one soon. If I can do something to give magic in general a better design sense I’ll have achieved something, some is good but there’s more than the fair share of terrible stuff around

Speaking of Dean, I’m going to be working on a promo video for him shortly. We’ve got some TV performance clips now and just need to shoot one more thing. I think it’s going to come out well.

So far this year has been great for finding great music. Danielle ate the Sandwich was a good find from my wife, I bought both CD’s and have been playing them to death. It’s good to hear a song about Darwin. Found out that Brendan from work is in the band Downhills Home so I’ll be heading out to see them live soon, their album reminds me very much of the Byrds. Derek Trucks has a new album out and I found out Gov’t Mule are back in the studio. Finally, after getting my ticket to Zappa Plays Zappa, I got around to cleaning up all the tags/album art on my Frank Zappa albums.

Can somebody spare some time?


~ by mindshark on February 20, 2009.

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